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Manon SCAPULA - Vatel


Assistant Manager

K2 Palace
Class of 2016

Courchevel 1650, France Return

The Assistant Manager of the K2 Palace in the winter, and in charge of development of the new brand in the summer: Manon Scapula, a 2016 alumnus, landed her first job in Courchevel.

Managing financial aspects, sales, administration and guests, Manon Scapula, a Vatel Paris 2016 alumnus, has several jobs each and every day and her goal is to satisfy her guests staying in the K2 Palace:

“Personalization, exclusiveness, authenticity, these are things that upmarket clients in luxury hotels are looking for and my daily goal is to give the what they want.

Each client defines luxury in his or her own way: for some of them, it will mean discretion, for others it will be little things we do for them, others will like proximity, while yet others will appreciate the decor, etc.

What I like about my job is this never-ending quest to understand what they want even before they actually do, and this is a permanent challenge.”

And it’s not because the hotel will be closing its doors at the end of the winter season that Manon will be deprived of what she likes doing the most: human resources and especially recruitment of future employees for the new K2 Collections Group hotel, beginning in April, 2017. 

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