Postgraduate degree

MBA Vatel
International Hotel Management

Directeur d'Hôtellerie internationale

Certified State Degree level I

Admission : High School Diploma + Undergraduate Degree + Entrance exam

In France

Baccalauréat +2/+3 additional studies**

In Belgium

Certificat de fin d’études secondaires +3 additional studies**

In Spain

Bachillerato +3 additional studies**

In Switzerland

Maturité +3 additional studies**

In other countries

Undergraduate Degree**

**Students who have studied in the Hospitality branch for 3 years after High School can enter directly into Management 4 if their application is accepted.

Aim: Acquiring analytic and decision-making methods, as well as practical managerial experience. Developing an open mind set on business in general in order to cultivate entrepreneurial qualities, especially in the fields of tourism and the international hospitality industry.

Foundation Year: Whatever students had studied before joining Vatel, they will be faced with the realities of this profession as well as operational management in the Hospitality and Tourism industries. Students end their School year with an internship in Europe or in a foreign country.

Management 4: Step by step students acquire analytical and decision-making methods as well as experience as a manager.

Management 5: Students study key strategic rules and then apply them to Hotel Management.

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Mohd Ridzuan Abd Majid
Ph. (+603) 7949 1600